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Improving the lives of itchy pets - Part Two: Itch Reduction Strategies

The Itchy pet Part 2 Itch Reduction Strategies I hope you have all payed close attention to the title of this blog. Itch REDUCTION strategies. Note that terms such as “magic never itch ag...
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Improving the lives of itchy pets - Part One

“If you are looking for a quick itch fix, this blog is NOT for you – that’s because, there isn’t one!” A very large percentage of pet owners will have had a problem with...
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How to land your dream Veterinary Nursing Job

At Mt Eliza Village Vet we receive around two to three enquiries per week from aspiring Veterinary Nurses. It is wonderful to see this enthusiasm for our industry and we have delighted in taking on a...
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Keeping it in the tray - Feline toilet tips

A lot of pet owners who come to us at Mt Eliza Village Vet with their feline friends can feel embarrassed to talk about toileting accidents. This is because a lot of people assume their cat is the onl...
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