Earlier this year a new monthly injection for arthritis in dogs and cats was introduced to the Australian market. We have already had amazing feedback from the clients that have started it, including our very own Dr. James who has started it for Starfish and nurse Amy who’s given it to her Cookie.


Beransa (for dogs) and Solensia (for cats) are monthly injections given by the vet for the management of arthritis pain. It is a great first line drug but also as a back up when other drugs are not enough. It is safe, easy and effective!!


Beransa and Solensia are monoclonal antibody drugs which disrupt the formation of new pain-transmitting neurons. They are great at stopping pain, but they also reduce inflammation in the joint itself. Monoclonal antibodies are very targeted meaning they are very safe, especially considering the old patients that typically have arthritis are also the ones that are likely to have degenerative kidney or liver damage.


Prevention is still better than treatment! So a multimodal management plan for arthritis is still recommended – this means weight control, exercise control, supplements (eg. 4Cyte) and cartrophen injections.


So if your pet is looking stiff, sore or is not as energetic as they used to be, speak with Pete, James or Beth about ways we can help.